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Post Info TOPIC: Mysterious Tube!? Anyone with a 1999-ish DT125R can take a quick look and help me here - pleeeease!

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Mysterious Tube!? Anyone with a 1999-ish DT125R can take a quick look and help me here - pleeeease!

I have a DT125 R, I think it's around 1999. I can't be sure as the vin's been removed. Don't worry - I bought it at a police auction. Think it was stolen/recovered or something.

Anyway, I had to replace the radiator hoses, as they were a little tired looking and leaking slightly from the connections/nozzles.

I thought I would replace a few other tired looking hoses whilst I was at it. 

There were two tubes I removed from the carburetor area to replace,  the first went from the fuel tap to one of the nozzles on the carburetor, the other was connected at both ends in that area!

I did this quite some time ago, and typically now cannot remember where both ends connected, and to which nozzles! Im not actually even 100% that I know which nozzle on the carbouretor the fuel line from the fuel tap connects to!



Pic.1 - This is the fuel tap with the new fuel line connected in blue, running to the other side.




Pic.2 - This is the other side of the tap/carburetor. There are two nozzles  labeled 'a' and 'b'.

I think the fuel line from the tap runs ro nozzle 'b'. Is that correct? 




Pic.3 - This is a slightly different angle from the above but you can see another nozzle 'c' toward the bottom.

I think that nozzle 'a' and 'c' are just outlet valves that used to have hoses running toward the bottom of the bike. Is this correct?

If I'm right, then I've no idea where the other hose I removed came from, and where or what it attached/connected.




Pic.4 - These are the two tubes I removed. The bottom tube is the tube that ran from the fuel tap to one of the nozzles, as I say, I think 'b'.

The other grey and tired looking tube on the top is... the mystery tube!

I put the jubilees next to them that were holding it to wherever they were holding it. I can tell this because the rubber has marked exactly how they were connected and with those clips.




 Pic.5 - This is the mystery tube up close. You can see it has an inner and outer tube made from different materials. 

WHERE THE HELL HAS THIS TUBE COME FROM???? Anyone with the same bike can take a quick look and help me here - Pleeeeeease  



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if i rember correctly that should go from letter a to the top of the head im sure thats wer my one goes to

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 Maybe these pics might be of more help as to what goes where,


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Oh and remember, that on the petrol intake spigot on the carb, has a little conical filter sitting inside it, to stop any rust/crap coming in from the tank, going into the carb

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hello m8 that mystery tube is one of the carb warming hoses you should have 2 off them the same ya can use one by looping it over on itself from the top of the cylinder to the other cylinder connnector. its only sending water round the top of the carb to warm it its not needed anyway
highest inlet pipe on the carb to heighest outlet on the cylinder head and lowest pipe from the carb to the lowest cylinder connection



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the carb warmer pipes are there to prevent icing of the carb, icing can cause the throttle slider to jam (normally jam open) i recently found this out from a m8 that works in my local ktm dealer, i then quickly re-connected mine back up after him telling me tht lol


good pics and description there NEV  

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the one labelled c in the above pictures is the gearbox breather just rout that round the back of the engine and out by the linkage

good post tho i was wondering what the other 2 pipes were earlia 4 ha

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