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Post Info TOPIC: Yamaha TZR125 R 4DL Belgarda Cylinder


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Yamaha TZR125 R 4DL Belgarda Cylinder

Information On Yamaha's TZR125R 4DL Belgarda 3MB00P Barrel

I want to collate information about the collection of cylidners available to us users of the DTR. I think it would be handy to have a library of different barrels with information so that people can effectively research information about different barrels. I'm looking for as much input as possible and will just add it to this one page (and of course add your name to the content creator list).

Was wondering whether or not I could get some input as to the benefits of this barrel. Drawbacks and whether these barrels are worth their value. Or maybe it's just the rarity of the barrel that causes it to be worth so much. I sort of want this to be a definitive answer to questions around this barrel. Hopefully to be used as some sort of guide for future users.

Barrel in question:





3MB00P On the Left

So what I know so far

  • The barrel can be found on the Yamaha TZR 125R Belgarda 4DL
  • Yamaha TZR 1993-1996 (need NEV or someone to confirm this. I have suspicions it's earlier and not so late SO PLEASE CORRECT THIS!)
  • Has Motori Minarellimarkings inside the Powervalve cover both sides.
  • Powervalve has no markings on it
The barrel is an extension of the current 3MB00 on the DT's and WILL fit your DTThe ONLY difference between the the 3MB00P and the 3MB00 is a 1mm exhaust port height increase
  • *WARNING* There are no noticeable benefits to this barrel if you are running a restricted CDI! If anything it's worse!
  • The increase in height makes raises the RPM in which the powerband is and thus reduces power in the bottom end.
  • RESTRICTED CDI's reduce spark at higher RPM so if anything you are worse off!
  • You will want a derestricted CDI or a Programmable one to feel the benfits of this one.
Boresize is 54.40mm (Same as a Standard DTR/RE/X)Uses a Domed piston (same as DTR/RE/X)It's matching head has no markings except a P stamped into the side near the water housing. (possibly machined to run higher compression although I've seen no difference)Standard steel liner
  • Can be rebored at a cost around 40
  • Will take oversized pistons (same sizes as a DTR/RE/X)
  • Will need a resleeve after maximum bore (Cost around 200)
Exhaust mountings at a slightly different angle to the DTRE
  • Exhaust won't fit properly onto the frame
  • Brackets will need to be made
  • DEP pipe will fit but Brackets will need to be made
Spark Plug is different
  • BR9EIS (Iridium)(Over the BR8EIS for DTR/RE/X)
Carburetta settings WILL need changing
  • Barrel was designed with a Dell'orto 32mm VHSA Carberetta
  • Or 270 main jet Snorkel in (runs okay bit lean on the bottom end) Carb reccomended.

I picked the barrel up with the bottom end and inlet for 330. Have seen these go for around 60. In my honest opinion you're not paying for any gains! Put that 60 towards porting your current 3MB00 and you'll see more benefits.

Once again this will need correcting. These series are acting as a repository for people who want the information all in one place so please add to it as you see fit. I will add it to this main thread to make it all nice and tidy and will add your names to the creators list.



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